Coming from our humble beginnings all the way back in 2018, Seirosecca ventured into the accessories business by entering small flea markets. 

However, in 2019, the team saw potential in entering bigger events such as Artbox, Shillin Night Market, SOTA and more!

Seirosecca offers a wide variety or accessories that caters to all occasions, from the simple everyday look to office wear to stylish wedding looks and even quirky styles for joyous occasions.

In 2020, our goal is to serve the greater community and provide the ladies an even more convenient platform to have the best selection to choose from. As 2020 marks the beginning of a new norm, we have unanimously decided that a website was the future.

We are run by a family, and don't forget to say hi to us if you ever drop by to visit!

Fun Fact: 

Have you ever wonder how we get our store name? Let us know what do you think and we will reveal it to you! 

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